Frantically Simple


“I have learned to quit speeding through life, always trying to do too many things too quickly, without taking the time to enjoy each day’s doings. I think I always thought of real living as being high. I don’t mean on drugs—I mean real living was falling in love, or when I got my first job, or when I was able to help somebody, or watch my baby get born, or have a good morning of really good writing. In between the highs I was impatient—you know how it is—life seemed so Daily. Now I love the dailiness. I enjoy washing dishes. I enjoy cooking, I see my father’s roses out the kitchen window, I like picking beans. I notice everything—birdsongs, the clouds, the sound of wind, the glory of sunshine after two weeks of rain. These things I took for granted before.” -Olive Ann Burns

“Dog poo? This is awesome!” – Jake Gyllenhaal as Jimmy in Bubbleboy

Follow along as I document my attempts to celebrate the dailiness, find joy in the mundane, and delight in the ordinary things of family life.
And on those days when I just can’t do it, follow along anyway. It should be good for a laugh.

Main characters:
Husband: truly the finest man I’ve ever known. I am the fabulous woman I am today thanks to him, but that won’t keep me from annoying him with my super human ability to give him endless nicknames.
Referred to as Mr. Frantic because he always has a lot going on. Sometimes more than he can comfortably handle, but somehow he always gets it done. (And no, that does not make me Mrs. Simple, thankyouverymuch.)

Daughter: The brightest spot of sunshine in my life. I love her so much that sometimes I make myself jealous.
Called The Girl Wonder because she’s wonderful. And because I often wonder what I am going to do with her. And I wonder if what I am doing is working. And I wonder at the fact that I get to be mom to such an amazing girl.

And me: A woman with more interests than time. And who is really, really trying to make sure the most important things get the most of me. (Sorry laundry, today is not your day.)
Called Heidi because that is really my name.

Written by Heidi Schulz

February 4, 2008 at 9:05 pm

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  1. The ordinary is extraordinary. I am glad you record this for posterity. I am learning to focus on my breath and be more present in each sacred moment were there is peace. Instead of rushing to the future (fear), or running from the past (shame). Our power is Now. “The kingdom of heaven is at hand” in the present moment. This ‘enrichment’ blog helps with balance and simplicity too. I share your quest 🙂


    March 27, 2008 at 5:29 pm

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